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It was another beautiful and memorable experience for the women of the Egor community as Emmanuel Osemota Foundation satisfactorily hosted its Woman Empowerment Program. This event took place on the 29th of May 2021 from 10 am – 12 pm at the Egor Primary Secondary School.  We will take a brief look at the rundown of all the activities leading to the event and the activities during the event.


The Emmanuel Osemota foundation Logistics team visited the Palace of the Enogie (Duke) of the Egor community to inform the leadership of the goal of the event. The response from the leadership of the community was favorable and they expressed their gratitude for all the outreaches done so far in their community.

The logistics team ensured all the necessary things needed for the event were properly put in place from the chairs, tents, public address system, and medications. The logistics team received all the items/publicity materials from the Foundation and ensured they were properly utilized before the event.


The team arrived early enough at the venue to set up. Immediately set up was complete, the women were seated down, forty-eight of them in total.

The event commenced properly with a health talk delivered by Pharm Dr. Ochuko Onovae. The lecture was centered on how women can reduce the chances of getting ill as well as that of their children. After the lecture, (Deworming) Anti-Helminthic Medications were distributed to all the women present due to the risk of worm infestations in rural areas. The women also received extra medications for their children.

After the health talk, Mr. Elvis Aravie gave a concise lecture on entrepreneurship. He taught the women how they could start from where they are and metamorphose into something bigger. He also used practical examples of some women in the community who against all odds are thriving in business.

After the brief lecture, The Emmanuel Osemota foundation entrepreneurship project, gave Grants to five (5) women in the community so they can kickstart their business.

One of the women picked by the foundation before the scheduled date for the event, unfortunately, had passed on few months before the project.  And her family was supported financially, being represented by Mr. Godwin Umukoro.

The beneficiaries of the Women Entrepreneurship program are:

After the presentation of the financial GRANTS, the women of the community rejoiced with the beneficiaries and thanked the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation for bringing consistent joy to the community.


The Entrepreneurship Project was a huge success. First and foremost, we thank God for His guidance, protection, and blessings all through. We extend our profound gratitude to the leadership of the community for embracing this wonderful opportunity brought to them.

We most importantly owe eternal gratitude to all our donors for their enormous generosity which made this initiative a huge success. 

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