Volunteers like you are changing the world, one family, at a time by giving your time and talents. Whether you volunteer in South Florida or Nigeria, you’ve got countless ways to make a difference!

When you volunteer at EOF, you make a real and lasting impact in the world by helping us serve underprivileged families more effectively! There’s so much you can do, using your specific skills, interests, and abilities.

ready to be a super hero!

We are always looking for gifted individuals who are:

  • Excited to work hard and learn a lot
  • Passionate achievers
  • Keen on tackling challenges head-on
  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Motivated by Compassion
  • Willing to uphold and operate with our core values

People in the poorest communities of Nigeria and South Florida are in desperate need of your support. Together we create long-lasting change by developing, uplifting, and empowering local communities.

Join EOF today and help us educate, enrich and empower local communities in Nigeria and South Florida.

Medical Outreach