2021 July Stethoscopes Award Presentation


It was an unforgettable experience for the College of Medicine at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo-State, Nigeria as the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation gladly held its Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers’ Awards: Stethoscopes Award Presentation at the College of Medicine. This event took place on July 12, 2021, from 12 pm – 2 pm. Let’s take a preview of the activities prior to the event and during the event.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team visited the College of Medical Sciences and was in continuous discussion with the esteemed staff and provost of the College of Medical Sciences at Ambrose Alli University. The provost, Prof. G.B.S. Iyalomhe, being the personal physician to Dr. S. U. Osemota was enthusiastic about The Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers’ Awards as they have never experienced this type of award at the medical school before.

The provost and several deans of the College of Medical Sciences were informed about the award ceremony, and they gave their approval for the program to be hosted in the conference room of the Provost of the College of Medical Sciences.

The team received all items from the Foundation and the items were all in good condition as expected. 


The Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers’ Award ceremony began promptly at 12 pm with prayers and after the prayers, Prof. Iyalomhe gave a brief introduction of everyone present and went on to give a symposium on The Life & Times of Dr. Samuel Uwa Osemota (1932-2021).

Lecturing everyone that was present at the venue of the ceremony, Prof. Iyalomhe, a family friend, and personal physician to Dr. S.U. Osemota conveyed to the guests present of the great strides accomplished by Dr. S.U. Osemota.

According to him, Dr. S.U. Osemota was a foremost and outstanding educationalist in Nigeria, he established Office Management Department at the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State. Which allowed people from different parts of Nigeria coming to learn and take the Open Graded Test (OGT) that he established at the Polytechnic so they can be better in their job, be worthy challengers in the job market and gain more knowledge. 

Dr. Osemota also contributed to the establishment and development of the Vocational and Tech Department in the Faculty of Education at Ambrose Alli University.

After the symposium was the highlight of the ceremony, the presentation of Littman Stethoscopes to the top five medical students of the 2021 MBBS class by the provost. 

The five medical school students’ beneficiaries were beaming with smiles, overjoyed, and excited to receive the award. The beneficiaries are Obiogwu Andrew Marcus, Obi Chukwudi Nweke, Abdul-Ganiyu Oseni, Akhalumeh Divine Blessing, and Abigail Otibhor Ikpefua.

The Dean of Basic Medical Science, Dr. H.O. Otamare, in his speech, thanked the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation, he stressed the need for the medical students to see the stethoscope award as a call to do more in their studies, always be hardworking, and be good in school. He admonished them to make use of the stethoscopes professionally because it will propel them to greater heights in their educational pursuits.

Refreshments were served to everyone present and at 2 pm prompt, the award ceremony was concluded with prayers.


Obi Chukwudi Nweke

I, Obi Chukwudi Nweke, a student of Ambrose Alli University, Medicine and Surgery Department wishes to thank the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation for the Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers’ Award given to me per my excellence on the just concluded MBBS Examination.

I really appreciate the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation and all that contributed to making it a success, with this Dr S.U. Osemota Achievers’ Award of Excellence, I will be encouraged to give my best to studying and hope to achieve more distinguished success.

Abdul-Ganiyu Oseni

I am immensely grateful for this Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers’ Award for Academic Excellence, presented by the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation in this part of the world where academic excellence is seldom appreciated.

Taking cognizance of the donors of this prestigious award, it’s hard to show in words my gratitude, I feel honored.

Akhalumeh Divine Blessing

I want to express my deepest appreciation to the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation for the Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers’ Award for Academic Excellence presented to me, thank you.

I am honored, and humble as a recipient of this award which further inspires my commitment, dedication, and hard work towards achieving greater academic excellence.

Once again, thank you for this recognition. Truly, I am inspired.

Abigail Otibhor Ikpefua

I, Abigail Otibhor Ikpefua, a student of Ambrose Alli University, Medicine and Surgery Department sincerely appreciate the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation for the Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers’ Award presented to me.

I am grateful for this award and encouraged to achieve more greater success in the future.

Once again thank you.

Obiogwu Andrew Marcus

I would personally like to appreciate the hard work, diligent effort, and giant strides of the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation.

It was this Foundation’s persistence and dedication over the years towards the service of humanity, and support for academic excellence that had given me the opportunity to be recognized with the Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers’ Award for Academic Excellence.

On behalf of my beloved school (Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State) and my ever-supportive cerebral colleagues (The new 400level Clinical Medical Students) I would like to specially thank the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation for this award of academic excellence.

I am deeply grateful for this recognition, and I pray God Almighty, mightily preserve and sustain this Foundation to keep on rewarding and inspiring the next generation.

With this award, I am motivated to work harder toward achieving my goal in medical school and in the near future inspired to give back to the society, institution and Nigeria at-large.


Firstly, we want to give a very big thank you to Almighty God for making the Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers’ Award ceremony a huge success. We also thank the Provost, Deans, Staff, and Students of the College of Medical Sciences, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma for their steadfast support, and encouraging response to this Stethoscopes Award Presentation. 

Finally, we are grateful to supporters and donors of the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation, we deeply appreciate your continuous generosity. Thank you!

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