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Our mission is to unleash a new generation of brilliant physicians with the tools they need to save lives.

Helping future Doctors never doubt that they are Valuable & Powerful

The medical students from rural communities in Edo-State Nigeria lack a fundamental tool — a stethoscope. 

This simple medical device is essential to providing quality care to those in desperate need, yet buying one is unfeasible for these future doctors. 

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3rd year medical students
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We believe in a day when every single student has a stethoscope in hand. Today, that means awarding the top 20 most deserving students with a premium stethoscope.


We hold the Dr. Samuel Uwa & Prof. Lucy Amadin Osemota Memorial Awards: Stethoscope Presentation awarding top of the line stethoscopes to the top 20 Medical Students

may 8, 2025

Ambrose Alli University, College of Medicine, Ekpoma, Edo State

may 9 2026

Ambrose Alli University, College of Medicine, Ekpoma, Edo State

Our Goal
1000 Stethoscopes by the end of 2029

You can join this movement of empowering Nigeria’s future physicians —  and you can start right now.


A high-performance stethoscope is $100; even giving a fraction of that means making a powerful investment.


After joining this movement, we invite you to watch your donation transform a life firsthand by viewing the award ceremony.

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