Group of african doctors students near medical university outdoor.

Stethoscope Distribution

Dreams Can Come True

Having the dream of being a Doctor is costly, but so important. 

The medical students from rural communities in Edo-State Nigeria lack a fundamental tool — a stethoscope. 

This simple medical device is essential to providing quality care to those in desperate need, yet buying one is unfeasible for these future doctors. 

Our mission is to unleash a new generation of brilliant physicians with the tools they need to save lives. 

That is why we help to keep the dream alive by relieving the costly expense of a stethoscope to these future doctors.

The top TWENTY medical students who are in their third year of medical school at Ambrose Alli University, College of Medicine Ekpoma, Edo State are the proud recipients of a free stethoscope. Through the Dr. Samuel Uwa & Prof. Lucy Amadin Memorial Awards we are accomplishing all these endeavors.

You can join this movement of empowering Nigeria’s future physicians —  and you can start right now. A high-performance stethoscope is $100; even giving a fraction of that means making a powerful investment.  After joining this movement, we invite you to watch your donation transform a life firsthand by viewing the award ceremony. 

How YOU Can Help