Shaping the future

Samuel & Lucy Osemota Award for Academic Excellence


Providing stethoscopes to the top 20 medical students at AAU


Providing books for the students in order for them to succeed in their studies

Educational Supplies

Providing educational supplies to relieve financial strain on the students


As we all know education is expensive, then add the cost of books, pens, pencils, and paper the price soon ads up and can make it unaffordable to continue your studies.

That is why Samuel and Lucy Osemota believe in academic excellence and provide scholarship,  books and education supplies to ease the burden, so the students can continue their studies which will help them become somebody in the world and inspire the next generations to come.

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Getting a Stethoscope as a medical student is exciting but unfortunately it can be costly.

That is why we help to keep the excitement and dream alive by relieving the costly expense of a stethoscope to these future doctors.

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Rewarding and Inspiring the Next Generation…

Dr. S.U Osemota’s passion for students and the next generation led to the creation of The Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers’ Awards.

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For Excellence in Teachers & Students.

Prof. Lucy Amadin Osemota’s dedication to teachers and students inspired the founding of The Lucy Osemota Education Fund.

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Samuel & Lucy Osemota Award For Academic Excellence

The parents of the founder: Dr. Samuel & Prof. Lucy Osemota (nee Ogbeide) believe in academic excellence.

They have stressed the importance of education and the vital role it plays in shaping successful people. This teaching has resonated in not only Emmanuel’s life but other of their students. They have shown that Education expands our vision and creates awareness. It helps us develop a disciplined life and provides us with better-earning opportunities.

Advocacy and Rehabilitation

Princess Lucy from the royal bloodline of the Ancient Kingdom of Benin, is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, USA. After giving back to the USA, she went back to Nigeria to contribute her quota in nation-building.

Princess Lucy is a first in many things, she is a female trailblazer and first female professor in her community. She has inspired not only her children but numerous students on becoming the best in everything they do.

Today, Mommy (as she is fondly called by everyone) keeps inspiring and teaching students at Florida Memorial University and DeVry University in Miami, FL.

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Dr. S.U Osemota a scholar, upright, humble, and a true gentleman, is a pioneer visionary academic leader in Nigeria. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, USA, and teaching at the University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt University for some years, he went back to Nigeria to contribute his quota in nation-building.

He contributed in the establishment of different higher institutions in the country, most notably the Foremost Nigerian Federal Polytechnic in Auchi, Edo State.

Dr. S. U Osemota helped steered the institution into the 21st century.

He is very proud of the success and accomplishments of his students in their various spheres of life.

Today, though retired, he still continues to inspire everyone around him. 

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