2021 June, School Drive Event

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Emmanuel Osemota Foundation happily held its Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers Awards School Drive Event at Eguare Primary School, Ekpoma, Edo- State, Nigeria. This event took place on the 7th of June 2021 from 8 am – 10 am. It was a delightful and unforgettable experience for the children and teachers of the Eguare Primary School, Ekpoma. We will take a brief look at the rundown of all the activities leading to the event and the activities during the event.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team visited Eguare Primary School in Ekpoma and met with the Headmistress of the school, who was so happy to see the team. She welcomed the team and was so pleased to hear about our Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers Awards School Drive program for the school children.


We discussed the number of books and pens the team would be distributing and the total number of students in the school. Instructions were given to us to meet with the Secretary of the Ministry of Education in Ekpoma for the date and approval for the program. The Foundation sent a letter seeking approval for the event and the ministry approved without delays. 


The Team received all items from the foundation and the items were all in good condition as expected. 


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team arrived promptly at the school premises. And all the items were ready for distribution. The Headmistress was at the school premises ready for the event, and the Secretary of the Ministry of Education also came as expected to witness the great occasion. 


The students of the great Eguare Primary School were surprised to see us and they were looking with great curiosity to know what the items are for them. 


Immediately, the Headmistress called for an assembly. The students were so happy as they gathered. As the assembly was conducted, the teacher organized them, praises and worship songs were rendered to the Most High. We had our morning prayers and also, rendered the Nigerian National Anthem and National pledge. 


Immediately, the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team was given the floor to do a proper introduction to the children. The team introduced themselves and educating them about who the Achievers Awards was named in honor of Dr. S.U Osemota and the reason why the Foundation came. They were all happy and couldn’t wait for the distribution to start.

The team educated the children and admonished them to be good children as they’ve always been. And they should respect the Parents, Teachers, and Elders always. The team also warned them not to lie, steal or take what does not belong to them which is a sin against God.


After some time, the Education supplies: Books and Pens were distributed to the children as they marched to their classes. 


The Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers Awards ceremony was a huge success. Firstly, we want to give a very big thanks to Almighty God for his guidance all through this great event. We extend our gratitude to the Ministry of Education in Ekpoma and the Academic body of Eguare Primary School, Ekpoma, for their positive response to this opportunity given to the school children. 


We also owe our eternal gratitude to the donor of the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation, we appreciate your generosity for making the school drive event a huge success. We look forward to bigger events in the future, imparting students and the next generation.

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