2023 August, School Drive Event

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With great joy, the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation hosted the Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers Awards School Drive Event at Eguare Primary School in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria, on September 21, 2023, from 8 am to 10 am. This occasion left an indelible mark on the hearts of the students and educators of Eguare Primary School, Ekpoma. Let’s explore the pre-event preparations and the event itself in detail.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team embarked on a heartwarming visit to Eguare Primary School in Ekpoma, where they had the privilege of meeting the school’s Headmistress. Her joy at the team’s arrival was palpable  and with enthusiasm, she extended her heartfelt welcome and expressed her delight at the prospect of another edition of the Dr. S.U. Osemota Achievers Awards School Drive program for the school’s eager children.

During the meeting, discussions revolved around the quantity of books and pens that the team would be distributing, as well as the total number of students enrolled at the school. It was agreed that further steps should be taken to coordinate the event, including securing a date and obtaining official approval from the Secretary of the Ministry of Education in Ekpoma.

The Foundation promptly drafted a formal letter seeking the ministry’s endorsement for the program, and to their satisfaction, approval was swiftly granted without any delays.

With the paperwork sorted, the Team gratefully received the items from the Foundation, finding them to be in impeccable condition as expected.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team arrived punctually at the school premises, fully prepared for the distribution. The Headmistress was present and eager for the event, while the Secretary of the Ministry of Education arrived as anticipated to witness this momentous occasion.

The students of Eguare Primary School were pleasantly surprised by our arrival, their curiosity piqued about the purpose of the items we brought for them.

Following these initial proceedings, the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team was given the opportunity to introduce themselves properly to the children. They shared insights about the Achievers Awards, named in honor of Dr. S.U Osemota, and explained the Foundation’s mission and purpose for being there. The children were elated and couldn’t contain their excitement, eagerly awaiting the commencement of the distribution.

The team provided valuable education to the children, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their exemplary behavior. They encouraged the children to always show respect to their parents, teachers, and elders. Additionally, the team cautioned them against engaging in dishonesty, theft, or taking what doesn’t rightfully belong to them, highlighting the moral significance of avoiding such actions.

As time passed, the team distributed essential educational supplies, including books and pens, to the children in their respective classrooms.


The Dr. S. U. Osemota Achievers Awards ceremony exceeded all expectations, marking a significant milestone. First and foremost, we express our profound gratitude to the Almighty for His unwavering guidance throughout this remarkable journey.

Our heartfelt thanks extend to the Ministry of Education in Ekpoma and the dedicated Academic body of Eguare Primary School, Ekpoma, for their enthusiastic support of this invaluable opportunity granted to our young scholars.

We are equally indebted to the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation, whose remarkable generosity played an instrumental role in making the school drive event an overwhelming triumph. Your commitment to our cause is deeply appreciated.

With this resounding success as our foundation, we eagerly anticipate even grander events in the future, ones that will continue to enrich the lives of our students and inspire the generations to come.

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