Why Do Girls Miss School In Nigeria?

Not only is having your period an unfortunate cultural taboo, but thousands of Nigerian girls do not have access to menstrual products forcing them to stay home rather than going to school.

The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation works to ensure that Nigerian schoolgirls have access to menstrual products like sanitary pads so that they feel confident and comfortable attending school without shame.

Join us in our goal to supply sanitary pads to 5,000 Nigerian schoolgirls! Just $1 can provide sanitary pads for two months

Access to Menstrual Products is a Health and Social Justice Issue!

Up to 56% of Nigerian girls miss school each month due to period poverty. 

At EOF, we believe education is a priority. But not having access to menstrual hygiene is disrupting the education of more than half of all Nigerian schoolgirls. Be part of the solution.

Give $56 for 56% and together, we can change lives!


Our mission

Each quarter, we provide sanitary pads to girls in need so that they feel empowered and confident to attend school during their menstrual cycle. With access to safe hygienic products, they’re able to prioritize their education and focus on their future!
It’s About Health & Dignity. Period.



As the saying goes, “educate a girl, educate a nation.” With strong educational foundations, cycles of poverty in poor communities can be broken. But Nigerian schoolgirls need our help. Your support helps provide sustainable menstrual health to girls in need so that they can avoid infection, shame, exploitation, early marriage, and even trafficking.


Menstrual cycles are still considered a cultural taboo in West Africa. Especially in impoverished communities, girls are often faced with societal shame. This indignity, along with a lack of access to safe menstrual health solutions, forces girls to turn to unsanitary methods including rags, leaves, newspapers, and in some extreme cases are exploited in exchange for supplies.

Without safe, hygienic products to manage their menstruation, girls miss class during their cycles which often leads to them leaving school completely.

EOF Takes Action

We are passionate about tackling period poverty in Nigeria. Not only do we supply sanitary pads to the poorest communities, but we also provide education about menstruation and Women’s health.

Long-term Impact

The long-term impact of this work cannot be overemphasized. Providing safe menstrual health solutions has directly resulted in decreases in dropout rates for Nigerian schoolgirls thus increasing their contributions to the sustainability of their local communities. Consequently, this affects current and future generations by playing a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Most importantly, local communities are empowered to discuss issues around menstrual health without perpetuating harmful stigma while working to remove barriers of access to menstrual hygiene for themselves and others.

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With your support, we can tackle period poverty and ensure all girls across Nigeria have access to safe menstrual products!