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Mosquito Nets against Malaria: The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation is doing its Part!

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Malaria is a severe and fatal disease mainly caused by infected female anopheles’ mosquitoes. Both children and adults can quickly develop severe symptoms including high fevers, shaking chills, anemia, respiratory distress, cerebral malaria, and multi-organ failure.

The World Health Organization estimates that in 2019, 229 million cases of malaria occurred, and over 400,000 people died of malaria – most of them children in Africa. In 2020, Nigeria accounted for 23% of deaths worldwide, over twice the rate of the next most affected country. 

How does Malaria Get Transmitted

In brief, Mosquitoes get infected by a parasite called Plasmodium. When a contaminated Mosquito gets a blood meal from a human, the parasite is then transmitted to the bitten person. They typically bite between 10 o’clock at night and two in the morning.

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What Can We Do About It?

Health experts agree that malaria is not only curable, but is completely preventable. The WHO recommends protection for all people at risk of contracting malaria, and one of the proven most effective forms of prevention is insecticide-treated nets (ITNs).

In achieving this goal, The Emmanuel Osemota foundation is doing its part to change families and local economies by providing insecticide treated mosquito nets to Nigerians living in Edo State, one of the most vulnerable regions of Nigeria.

Why nets exactly? For various reasons, as listed below.

Prevent Malaria and Other Diseases

Sleeping under a long-lasting insecticide treated net is proven to have a 100% effectiveness rate when it comes to deadly diseases such as Malaria, Dengue fever, West Nile Virus, and Zika.

Mosquito nets protect you from deadly diseases…. Mosquito nets help you get rid of bugs and insects

 Get Rid of Insects and Bugs

Not only do Mosquito nets protect you from deadly diseases, but they are also a natural and effective way to keep other annoying insects and bugs at bay.

Better Sleep Quality

Although Mosquito nets may seem uncomfortable, that is not accurate. Mosquito nets help you get rid of bugs and insects that may disturb you while sleeping, thus, improving your sleep quality.

Every Single Net Matters

Each insecticide treated mosquito net cost $2 and every ITN the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation provides can protects two people at night from the bites of malaria-carrying mosquitoes that would otherwise cause severe illness, or even worse, death.

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For less than a cup of coffee, just $2, you can change a family’s story in rural Nigeria. Our goal is to provide 5000 ITNs by the end of 2021. That’s up to 10,000 lives and stories changed forever thanks to your donation. So please kindly donate by clicking here.

We Thank You for Your Donation!

Written by: Emmanuel J. Osemota

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