The Lucy Osemota Education Fund

For Excellence in Teachers & Students

Prof. Lucy Amadin Osemota’s dedication to teachers and students inspired the founding of The Lucy Osemota Education Fund. 

The Fund offers teachers an incentive to try new methods by giving them the financial support they need that otherwise would not be available. 

Also, the Fund offers scholarships, books, and educational supplies to students, giving them the necessary tools for success.

Our Education Fund...

Female teacher erasing text on whiteboard in classroom

Provides Grants

to Teachers and Educators yearly in public schools in Edo State. Giving them the ability to develop projects for their students to learn.

Provides Scholarships to Students

Provides Scholarships

books, school bags, and educational supplies to All Students in Primary & Secondary Schools in Edo State.

Eligibility for the Grant

It is open to public school teachers in Edo state and the grant funds are to be used strictly for education and classroom purposes.

Applications are received all year round and grants are given as funds are available, thus, early application is strongly advised. 

Ready to make a difference?

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Mrs. Lucy Amadin Osemota

Mrs. Lucy Amadin Osemota

Princess Lucy from the royal bloodline of the Ancient Kingdom of Benin is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, USA. After giving back to the USA, she went back to Nigeria to contribute her quota in nation-building.
Princess Lucy is a first in many things, she is a female trailblazer and the first female professor in her community. She has inspired not only her children but numerous students on becoming the best in everything they do. 
Today, Mummy (as she is fondly called by everyone) keeps inspiring and teaching students at Florida Memorial University and DeVry University in Miami, FL.