Community Empowerment  through Sustainable Initiatives 


We support the local community by providing:

  • Preventative medicine teaching and treatment
  • Free medications for different ailments
  • Free mosquito insecticide-treated nets to fight Malaria
  • Free hospital equipment for healthcare personnel 
  • Free High Blood Pressure and Diabetes checkup drive
  • Free eye exams,  eyeglasses, dental care 
  • Provide palliative food items to orphanage homes in the local community.

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In order to build on assets that already exist in the local community, rather than depending on outside sources.

We provide entrepreneurship grants and interest-free loans to local community members.

By so doing they are able to start up, sustain, and grow their business where they are able to give back to their family, local community, and prepare for the next generation.

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How YOU Can Help

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Becca Renaissance Rebirth, Resurgence Renewal, Reawakening

Becca Renaissance is a rebirth of goodwill for community empowerment.

This goodwill mantra was practiced by Madam Rebecca Osemota (alias Iyawo), an industrious mother and paternal grandmother of Emmanuel J. Osemota.

She was born in Ekpoma, Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.

Madam Rebecca was very involved in her local community. She inspired not only her children but members of her local community by empowering them through education and teaching, giving of alms to the elderly and less privileged. Also, she empowered her community by lending money to those in need, contributing her time, and opening her heart and doors to strangers. 

It was said of Madam Rebecca, “where there were hostility and scarcity, she provided goodwill towards all”. Presently in the world, more than ever, there is the crucial need for the rebirth, resurgence, renewal, and reawakening of Goodwill, hence, Becca Renaissance.

At a ripe old age, Madam Rebecca eventually retired from active community service. Nevertheless, her service of devotion to her creator continued until her sunset. She was an active member of St. John’s Anglican Church Ekpoma, where she helped in the elderly choir ministry.

Madam Rebecca finally passed on to be with the LORD on Sep 27th, 1994.

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