2024 June, Backpack Giveaway

Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Govt. Area
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With great enthusiasm and a deep commitment to empowering education, the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation proudly organized The Lucy Osemota Education Fund BackPack Giveaway on June 21, 2024. This event, held at Osakpawman Primary School and Orhuaghide Primary School in Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria, created a lasting impact on both students and educators. Join us as we delve into the meticulous preparations and meaningful unfolding of this heartwarming event


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team embarked on a heartwarming visit to Osakpawman Primary School and Orhuaghide Primary School, both nestled in Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Government Area, Edo State. During this visit, they had the privilege of meeting with the heads of both schools, who expressed their happiness and excitement about the upcoming Lucy Osemota Education Fund BackPack Giveaway, an event eagerly anticipated by the students.

The discussions during the meeting were both engaging and detailed, focusing on the quantity of books and pens to be distributed and the total number of enrolled students. It was unanimously agreed that additional coordination steps would be essential to ensure the event’s success. The school heads shared valuable insights about their students’ needs, helping the foundation tailor the supplies to maximize their impact.

The foundation solemnly promised that every student from both schools would receive the necessary educational supplies. With logistics sorted out, the team gratefully received the items from the foundation and found them to be in impeccable condition, meeting their expectations. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation underscored their commitment to making a significant difference in the students’ academic journey.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team arrived promptly at both primary schools, well-prepared and eager for the distribution event. School administrators and teachers were present, equally enthusiastic to participate.

The primary school students were pleasantly surprised by our arrival, their curiosity piqued by the sight of the items we had brought for them.

Once the initial proceedings concluded, the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team formally introduced themselves to the children. They shared inspiring stories about Prof. (Mrs) Lucy A. Osemota, (nee Ogbeide) a cherished daughter of the local community. The children and teachers were thrilled with the educational supplies, expressing their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude through joyous songs and prayers.

The team delivered essential life lessons to the children, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their exemplary behavior. They encouraged the children to consistently show respect towards their parents, teachers, and elders. Additionally, the team highlighted the dangers of dishonesty, theft, and taking what doesn’t belong to them, stressing the moral imperative to avoid such actions.

As the event progressed, the team distributed vital educational materials, including books and pens, to every student in both schools. This gesture not only provided the students with the tools they need for their education but also reinforced the foundation’s commitment to their academic and personal development.


The Lucy Osemota Education Fund Backpack Giveaway has surpassed all expectations, marking a significant milestone in our mission to support education. We begin by expressing our profound gratitude to the Almighty God for His unwavering guidance on this remarkable journey.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the dedicated academic staff at Osakpawman Primary School and Orhuaghide Primary School in Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Government Area, Edo State. Your enthusiastic support and commitment to this invaluable opportunity for our young scholars have been truly inspiring.

We are profoundly grateful to the donors of the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation for their extraordinary generosity, which was instrumental in the success of this school drive event. Your unwavering dedication and commitment to our cause have made a significant and lasting impact on the lives of our students. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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