2023 September, Backpack Giveaway

Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Govt. Area
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With great enthusiasm, the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation organized The Lucy Osemota Education Fund BackPack GiveAway at Osakpawman Primary School and Orhuaghide Primary School in Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria, on September 26, 2023. This event made a lasting impact on both students and educators. Let’s delve into the event’s meticulous preparations and its meaningful unfolding.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team embarked on a heartwarming visit to Osakpawman Primary School and Orhuaghide Primary School, both located in Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Government Area, Edo State. During this visit, they had the privilege of meeting with the heads of both schools, who expressed their happiness and excitement about the upcoming Lucy Osemota Education Fund BackPack GiveAway, eagerly anticipated by the students.

Discussions during the meeting centered on the quantity of books and pens that the team would distribute, as well as the total number of enrolled students. It was unanimously agreed that further coordination steps should be taken to ensure the success of the event.

The Foundation solemnly promised that all students from both schools would receive the necessary educational supplies. With logistics related to the school’s involvement sorted out, the Team gratefully received the items from the Foundation and found them to be in impeccable condition, meeting their expectations.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team arrived promptly at both school campuses, well-prepared for the distribution event. School administrators and teachers were present and eager to participate.

The students at the primary schools were pleasantly surprised by our arrival, their curiosity sparked by the purpose of the items we had brought for them.

Following these initial proceedings, the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation team had the opportunity to introduce themselves more formally to the children. They shared insights about Lucy Osemota, a daughter of the local community. The children and teachers were delighted that “Big Mummy” Lucy had come to provide them with educational supplies, and they expressed their appreciation and gratitude through songs and prayers, asking for continued blessings for their beloved “Big Mommy.”

The team imparted crucial life lessons to the children, stressing the value of upholding their exemplary conduct. They urged the children to consistently demonstrate respect towards their parents, educators, and seniors. Furthermore, the team warned them about the perils of deceit, theft, or appropriating what isn’t rightfully theirs, underscoring the moral importance of abstaining from such behaviors.

As time advanced, the team furnished indispensable educational materials, such as books and pens, to all students in both schools.


The Lucy Osemota Education Fund Backpack Giveaway has surpassed expectations, marking a significant milestone. First and foremost, we express profound gratitude to the Almighty God for His unwavering guidance on this remarkable journey.

We extend heartfelt thanks to the dedicated academic staff at Osakpawman Primary School and Orhuaghide Primary School in Orhua, Uhunmwode Local Government Area, Edo State, for their enthusiastic support of this invaluable opportunity for our young scholars.

Equally, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation, whose remarkable generosity played a pivotal role in the success of the school drive event. We deeply appreciate your commitment to our cause.

With this resounding success as our foundation, we eagerly anticipate even more significant events in the future, events that will continue to enrich the lives of our students and inspire future generations.

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