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Healthcare Education in Nigeria

Having your period is embarrassing enough, but having it be a culture taboo is even worse…

What’s even worse is the girls do not have sanitary pads when they get their periods and feel so ashamed that they will miss school

We provide the poorest communities quarterly with sanitary pads, but that is not enough to sustain them each month, that is why we need your help to help us to help them.

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80% of rapes and sexual assault go unreported in the United States? 

Can you imagine what that number is Nigeria…

That is why we have to stand up for the women and girls to be their victim advocates.

We stand against Human Trafficking, Gender-Based Violence (GBV), and/or Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)  Child Marriages and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), 

We not only advocate but also help by providing basic necessities, education, and skills training for them. 

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Aghore Rewards, What's in a Name?

The Aghore Rewards is named after Madam Aghore Ogbeide (nee Ahabue), a successful businesswoman and the maternal grandmother of Emmanuel J. Osemota.

She was born in Orhua, Uhunmwonde Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.

In an age where very few women in the society had a voice or sense of belonging in a patriarchal society, Madam Aghore waded through it, educating, providing, and encouraging members of her community. As a mother of three girls, it was thrust upon her to encourage and provide for her girls to get educated and to be able to stand up for themselves.

With her girls serving as her inspiration, she became a woman leader in her local community. Inspiring countless women and girls, providing and encouraging them to become the best version of themselves. Also, she inspired men too. 

On her retirement from active service to humanity as a woman leader, she continued serving her creator for the rest of her life. Aghore was an active member of St. John’s Anglican Church Orhua.

Where she formed the church group called Afiangbe meaning (Blessing), she also organized a dance group.

Aghore finally passed on to be with the LORD on Dec 27th, 1992.

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