Advocacy and Rehabilitation

Stand Up, Speak Up, Take Action

80% of rapes and sexual assault go unreported in the United States? Can you imagine what that number is Nigeria? That is why we have to stand up for the women and girls to be their victim advocates. We stand against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Gender-Based Violence (GBV), and/or Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), Human Trafficking, and Child Marriages.


With the lure of a better life outside the country, Nigerian women and rural Edo state girls, in particular, have been trafficked by human traffickers and predators. What is more is these girls face many forms of violence, including child marriage, domestic violence, and rape.

In 2018, Reuters ranked Nigeria as the fourth most dangerous country when it came to human trafficking and listed Nigeria as the sixth-worst on the risk women face from traditional practices in rural communities. Furthermore, Amnesty International reoports that crimes against women and girls in local communities in the country are continuing to rise. 

Community Empowerment
Community Empowerment
Community Empowerment

- This is Why We Fight -

Taking Action

The root cause is unemployment, lack of education and awareness, that is why we are empowering local community Nigerian women, especially in Edo State. Working hand in hand with these local women and girls and using data-driven approach, we are able to fight injustice and through strategic litigation we stand as an advocate for them.

We host symposiums and outreaches, including community roadshows and local debates, in areas where local community girls are at risk of these social vices. Also, bringing educational and entrepreneurship programs to empower our women and girls to prevent them from becoming victims of sex trafficking, bullying, or abuse.

With our Girl Child Initiative: Invest in A Girl, Power the Future we inform surrounding communities and the public about the human trafficking catastrophe and utilize our Women Empowerment ProgramThe Entrepreneurship Project to Educate, Empower and Employ women and girls, giving them the opportunity to accomplish their dreams.

Our programs are thought-provoking and engage these girls and youths in doing the critical thinking it takes to end these silent crimes in their local community.

Moreover, we not only advocate but also help by collaborating with the Nigerian and Edo state government in the rehabilitation of those affected by FMG, GBV, VAWG, Human Trafficking, and Child Marriages. Also, we provide counseling, basic necessities, education, and skills training for them.

Long-term Impact

Our programs will increase women and girls’ employment prospects and potentially lead to further educational opportunities. We also empower girls to continue their education or learn a trade so that they can be self-sufficient.

 Furthermore, these local community women and girls can also be decision-makers in their own communities and campaign effectively against FMG, GBV, VAWG, Human Trafficking, Child Marriages, and Social Vices for future generations.

How YOU Can Help