Welcome to the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation CHRISTMAS AT THE ORPHANAGE which took place at the EGHOSA ORPHANAGE HOME in Gapiona, Benin City, Nigeria. This orphanage home believes in blessing orphans, providing them with opportunities for education, recreation, play, relaxation, and broadening their horizons for the future.

It was a privilege for the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation in providing these amazing children with a beautiful Christmas at the Orphanage. This event took place on Saturday, December 17th, 2022, from 9-12pm.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation brought healthy supplies, educational materials, food, drinks, and a reason to celebrate and party! The children sang Christmas songs together and seemed to truly enjoy themselves.

It was glorious to hear their beautiful voices lift up in song, as they celebrated the Christmas season together. The children also laughed together and got to play games, dance, and rejoice. There was even a dance competition! The Eghosa Orphanage Home was full of life, love, and the reason for the season!

It is truly a blessing to be able to be a part of the reason for the smiles on the faces of these children and to be a part of the joy that they experience.

The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation got to share the love with a truly deserving orphanage, where the staff works so hard to ensure that these little souls are cared for and blessed. It was a pleasure to be a small part of the solution for this organization and to be with the children during Christmas.


We want to give a very big thank you to Almighty God for making the CHRISTMAS AT THE ORPHANAGE a huge success. We also thank the Proprietor, Staff, and Sweet Children of EGHOSA ORPHANAGE HOME for their encouraging response to this Christmas Outreach.

Finally, we are grateful to supporters and donors of the Emmanuel Osemota Foundation, we deeply appreciate your continuous generosity. Thank you!

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