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Emmanuel Osemota Foundation successfully conducted a Free Medical Outreach in Iyowa Community, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. This event took place on the 4th of September 2021 from 9 am – 5 pm at the Iyowa Community Town Hall. It was a memorable event seeing the joy put on the faces of the community residents being provided with free medical services. We will take a brief look at the rundown of all the activities leading to the event and the activities during the event.


The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation Logistics team visited the leaders of the community particularly the Head of the community (The Okhiaghele) seeking permission to organize a free medical outreach. The response from the leaders of the community was very positive. After deliberations with the community heads, a convenient date was picked, and they volunteered to give their Community Hall for the event.

The logistics team returned after a week with a letter addressed to the community Head officially inviting the community to the outreach scheduled for the 4th of September 2021.

The team also shared fliers in the community as well as utilizing word of mouth to the locals in the community. The logistics team prepared/calibrated the medical equipment and ensured they were all in good condition before the medical outreach. The team also planned for more chairs and tables at the community hall for smooth running and coordination of the event.


The team arrived early enough to set up for the free medical outreach.

­­Immediately setup was complete, the residents started coming in their numbers. The Foundation setup a beautiful workflow for all volunteers to handle the medical outreach in a very professional manner.


Registration of all guests carried out by Mr. Joseph Origho. All guests were given numbers to ensure proper organization.


All guests and participants received Health Education from Pharm Dr. Ochuko Onovae.


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Vital signs were taken by the nurses present in the medical outreach. from L-R, Nurse Chisom Okeke, and Nurse Eghosa Nene.


The Medical Lab Scientists carried out Malaria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV tests. from L-R Scientist. Arerosoghene Victory and Scientist. Goodluck Osemwenkhae.


Eye check was carried out here and reading glasses were given for free to those who needed it. Dr Uyi Obasohan and Dr Choice Uwonmwense handled the station.


Proper dental checkups were carried out in this station as well as scaling and polishing. Dr. Chinedu handled the dental station.


Free consultations were carried out by the medical doctors present and prescriptions were given appropriately. from L-R Dr. Ovie Oruah-Ureki, Dr. Karo Onoriose, and Dr. Mrs. Peace Aravie.



Prescriptions were accessed and Drugs dispensed appropriately. Pharm. Favour Nosakhare and Pharm Dr. Ochuko Onovae handled this station.



Number of patients screened/tested

A total of 217 patients participated in the free medical outreach and were all attended to.

This comprises 80 male and 137 females.


Males:     < 20yrs = 16;    (20-39) yrs. = 10;    (40-59)yrs. = 14;    > 60yrs = 37

Females:    < 20yrs = 16;    (20-39) yrs = 23;    (40-59)yrs. = 30;    > 60yrs = 20


The following conditions were diagnosed:

» Malaria: 50 patients

» Hypertension: 13 patients

 » Diabetes: 6 patients

» Refractive error/Presbyopia: 20 patients

» Conjunctivitis: 10 patients

 » Cataract: 8 patients

» Vertigo: 1 patient


» Upper Respiratory Tract Infections: 18 patient

» Urinary Tract Infection: 12 Patients

» Peptic Ulcer Disease: 3 Patients

» Osteoarthritis: 12 patients

» Skin Infection: 3 patients

» Periodontitis/gingivitis: 12 patients

» RVS: 1 patient

NB: some patients have one or more of the problems mentioned above


Medications were prescribed for all the conditions diagnosed were necessary. The medications were dispensed by the Pharmacists and patients were counseled on the dosage regimen.

Referrals were made for conditions that couldn’t be properly attended to a total of 43 referrals were made to effectively manage the patients.       



This outreach was a huge success. First and foremost, we thank God for His guidance, protection, and blessings all through. We extend our profound gratitude to the Head  (Okhiagele) of Iyowa Community for making Iyowa Town Hall available for this mission, and other community leaders for their utmost support to ensure this was a great success.

We are tremendously grateful to all our donors and supporters for their enormous generosity which made this September 2021 Medical Outreach possible and a great success. May God grant us all the willingness, commitment, and dedication to continue to reach out to our people back home. They need us and we truly need each other to make this world a better place. We hope and pray for a much bigger outreach next time.

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